Tasty And Addictive OG Kush Strain

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OG Kush is the sticky star of Southern California. With a Sativa/Indica blend at 85/15 it was 2nd place at the Indoor Hydro competition at Spannabis 2010. It is one of the most popular California hemp in the US, which accounts for its slightly higher prices. But coming from a 420 point of view it is well worth anything extra that you might pay.

It is optimized for indoor growing due to it’s temperature requirements of around 75 degrees, whereas an outdoor grow by the time you get to harvest, the temperatures are usually too high. It takes around 8-9 week to be ready for harvest and is one of the top of the line Kush strains. It doesn’t take an expert to grow it either, you just need a decent green thumb.

OG Kush has that pine taste and smell that we have all come to love and a heavy smoke that invades your tastebuds. The high is an up high but strong, so some may have trouble with it, and it has a calming body high with it. It is a great choice for the up high during the day but you will be relaxed and ready to rest on an evening high. Like any Indica strain it is a night time knock out.

Heavy crystallization will leave you sticky, and when grown properly you get a very high yield with only moderate effort and expertise. A properly grown plant with have very light, bright, almost neon green leaves and big, beautiful crystallized buds that are sticky to the touch, usually with orange hairs among the leaves and crystals.

You would be hard pressed to find another strain that would stack up as well as this one does against the other genetic hybrid strains that are available in this modern 420 world.

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