Selling Insurance On The Internet – Can A Small Insurance Agency Website Compete?

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We have all seen the television ads offering excellent savings on Tax Preparer Insurance online. Businesses as Progressive pump millions and geico of dollars into promotion of the auto insurance sites of theirs. Whether it is a great item to get the uneducated public purchasing automobile insurance without the recommendations of an insurance agent is a debate unto itself. The goal of this report is determining whether small, independent insurance companies are able to participate with the “big boys” with regards to purchasing insurance online.

How much the Public Does not Know may cost Them Once the buying public surfs the web searching for insurance savings, odds are they are going to do one of 2 things. Very first choice, they might attend a recognized brand, for example Safeco, Geico, or perhaps Progressive and also get a price quote. Second option, they are going to search for a hometown insurance agency through the preferred online search engine of theirs. No matter the promise of big savings, many customers are far more confident dealing with an insurance agent to direct the purchasing decision of theirs. With very little understanding of exactly how insurance works, what coverages they need to have, and even what businesses are obtainable, the vast majority of shoppers are prepared to spend a bit more to obtain the recommendations of an insurance agent. But what many consumers do not understand, would be that they are able to typically save MORE cash buying through their neighborhood independent insurance agent instead of purchasing online.

Independent Means Choices

Independent insurance agencies write with many insurance companies, 2 of which might really be Progressive and Safeco. These 2 businesses not just promote insurance online through the own sites of theirs, but additionally through independent insurance agencies. This enables customers not only to get yourself a competitive cost on the insurance of theirs, though additionally, they receive the gain of an agent’s expertise also. Often the premium with an agency will in fact be Under the equivalent coverage purchased from the company online. Nearly all insurance buyers incorrectly think that since insurance agents are paid commission, which they’ll really spend much more when dealing with the neighborhood independent agent of theirs.

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