How Are Paper Cups Made?

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The manufacturing of paper cups began during early 1900s, primarily with the intention of stopping diseases. Since such cups aren’t intended for reuse, the usage of beverages from these cups puts off the transfer of bacteria, thus promoting health that is good. Apart from being hygienic, paper cups provide the comfort of use as well as can make life simpler. Experts estimate the global use of paper cups to 220 billion per year.

The production process of paper cups


Huge rolls of newspaper are procured through the manufacturing unit. One side of the newspaper is coated with a particularly formulated plastic to help make the inside of the cup. Then, the roll is given to a machine for printing layouts on the opposite side. After the printing is completed, one more machine is used to separately cut the cardboard that contains the style into very small sheets that are named flats. One flat goes making a single cup. The scale of the last glass is determined by the scale of its flat.


The piles of flat shoes are passed by way of an a huge machine, that rolls them to some cylindrical shape while concurrently sealing them by using heating on the wax already used on the inside on the newspaper creating the cup. The newspaper which is simultaneously given from the far end of this exact device is made into sectors that go to help make the foundation of the paper cups. The extra strip of paper, after the foundation of the cups was acquired, is thrown away and reused. Lastly, the cylinders and also bases, that go to create the entire cups, are sealed collectively through a heat process.

Rim formation and packaging

A chute is used for transferring the cups to an alternative machine, and that forms the rim of the glass by rolling papers on its best. The cups are now directed for presentation, wherever they’re dropped into the appropriate sized tubes and stacks get made. After the necessary number of cups becomes gathered up in a single stack, it’s passed through yet another machine that wraps a plastic sheet around it and lastly seals the sheet. This is the package prepared for shipment. The entire system from producing to presentation of cups takes almost one minute.

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