Crystal Healing Scientific Evidence

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Advocates for Crystal Healing have existed for generations. Most individuals have and do assume its quackery. But discovered the systematic mechanism which enables our body’s energy field to get transmissions from radiating crystals.

Crystal Healing isn’t quackery.

The 3rd Eye

The old Third Eye of the ancestors of ours was definitely created to get outside vibrations of different frequencies, including light. It’s developed down through the ages to get the pineal gland of ours. It presently secretes the melatonin hormone which regulates the day life of ours.

The study shows the way it enables our human body to get outside vibrations for example the soothing frequencies of specific crystals.

Of the many kinds of crystals learned it was discovered the amethyst crystal had the very best measurable energy field with the most accessible details, so the majority of the evaluations had been on the amethyst crystal.

A vital to understanding the science could maybe best be realized from Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 which demonstrates that the bodies of ours are essentially 2 types of matrices: one of material (M) that is our bone and skin, and also among energy (E) that has a measurable electromagnetic field. (C would be the pace of light.) Advocates of Crystal Healing call this electromagnetic field the aura of ours.

The fundamental research objective was then to locate a mechanism that can allow the bodies of ours to get an energy transmission from a radiating crystal. This is exactly where chakras and auras enter into play.


Chakra is a classic Sanskrit term meaning’ wheel’ or’ circle’ and it is utilized to provide seven particular energy facilities along the body’s meridian. Remember that the Brow Chakra is additionally recognized as the Third Eye and this is the one of most value of the analysis.

The western viewpoint of ours doesn’t usually think about Chakras as something much more than unfounded myths from the ancient planet.

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