Crossword Acronyms Dictionary – 5 Fast Tips

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Any clue based word puzzle, like a Acronyms Dictionary, could present huge problems to even the best seasoned puzzle-solver among us. As a long time puzzle writer, I would love to share a couple of suggestions from the inside.

1. Multiple significance words

Merely one word that is simple is able to have many meanings. Fair is able to suggest one) agreeable to the eye or even mind–a reasonable maiden two) not stormy–fair temperature three) impartial–a reasonable judge four) not dark–a considerable complexion five) satisfactory although not ample–a considerable amount of food in the refrigerator six) a gathering of buys as well as sellers–an antique fair seven) a carnival–the county fair eight) a batted baseball in the foul lines–a reasonable ball, along with a lot more.

When you encounter a hard crossword clue, consider which the solution may be a word you know however with a significance that’s uncommon. Could you suppose a solution for these clues? Hint: It’s seven letters.

Clue: a long, fairly narrow space, esp. 1 for public use; an ornamental railing or even cresting surrounding the top part of any table, desk, stand, etc.; a passageway created by an animal. (Read on for the answer…)

2. Spelling

Double-check the spelling of challenging phrases. Assume the hint is humiliate, for instance. You choose the solution is embarrass. But the puzzle requires a 9 letter answer, and therefore you begin racking the brain of yours for an alternative word. A fast examination of the dictionary or maybe spell check will let you know that embarrass does indeed have nine letters!

3. Consult a reference book

When you get truly stuck, search for definitions as well as phrases in a dictionary, crossword puzzle dictionary, thesaurus, almanac or perhaps any of a zillion online resources. Several puzzlers feel this’s “cheating,” but in case you peak in the answer key rather, which food do you call that? Using a reference guide in itself is an academic workout. And it is not always simple to discover where you can appear, therefore it takes brains to look around.

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